Mexican Tiles

Handmade Mexican Tiles, painted Talavera Murals for kitchen backsplash and counter, bathroom shower wall and decorative relief ceramic tiles for stair risers.


mexican kitchen tiles

Terracotta Floor Tiles from Mexico

Beautifully crafted tiles might be one of the most popular ways of decorating the floors around the globe, and definitely, it is of the most ancient. Tile floors were popular back in Roman Imperium, prized by the Moorish kings and later introduced into royal interiors of modern Europe. In Mexican architecture, it is an essential part of the Hacienda style and most of the rustic residencies include handmade, terracotta floor tiles from Mexico. Whether it is used for an elegant hallway or a high-traffic kitchen, tile flooring with a pattern directs the eye downward, offering visual delight to you and your guests.

Talavera Tiles in Southern Kitchen

Whether you’re planning a complete kitchen makeover or you're just looking for a few quick and easy updates, our decorative Mexican tiles are sure to inspire you to go South of the border. In Mexico, a delightful and soulful kitchen is almost always the center of one’s home and where all the magic happens. Talavera tiles in the Southern kitchen will make you want to create the best tacos and ceviche you have ever prepared.

Painted Tile Murals for Kitchen Backsplash

kitchen tile murals. The food preparation and cooking will never be tedious and boring once you can have a view of your newly decorated kitchen backsplash. You may think that remodelling a kitchen may be complicated and costly. The reality is that with our broad collection of Mexican Talavera tiles for all the occasions and surfaces, it is going to be a lot of fun and the result will have a huge visual impact on the overall décor. Painted tile murals for kitchen backsplash will not only

White and Blue Kitchen Tiles

Adding the white and blue kitchen tiles color scheme in your household is both easy and effortless. The task is obviously pretty simple if you already have a pristine, all-white backdrop along with decor that is largely neutral in color. Choosing your kitchen décor will also be effortless, after all, besides white, blue is probably one of the most popular kitchen colors. Whether you want to add a subtle accent or border tiles or boost a Southern character in every corner of your kitchen, this power couple will convey the feeling of calm and elegance.

Portuguese Style Ceramic Tiles

Even though our brand is a producer and distributor of handmade Mexican tiles, you should know that our designs are heavily influenced by classic European ceramic craft. If you think about the old-world charm of shiny, glazed tiles, what springs to mind is the city of Lisbon whose history and culture is deeply embedded with decorative tiles. One glimpse on our Talavera tiles collection let you discover many Portuguese style ceramic tiles with emblematic white and blue, delicate patterns.

Mexican Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

If you are both great admirer of joyful and bright Mexican tiles and at the same time a deeply practical person, you should consider installing on your kitchen backsplash a talavera mural. Perhaps you are tired of white walls and... Continue Reading →

White Mexican Tiles

Talavera tiles in Mexican White are usually used in the US and Europe for walls in kitchen, bathrooms and showers. In particular, they often are installed on a backsplash and counter-top. Many interior designers combine white Mexican tiles with other... Continue Reading →

Mexican Talavera Kitchen Wall Tiles

Warm, inviting and vibrant, even if your home is not traditionally Mexican, turning your kitchen into Southern-style with Talavera wall tiles can give it a completely new ambiance. By updating your kitchen’s décor with bright tones, decorative tiling and fine Mexican detailing your entire home can take on a new character. Mexican Talavera tiles can introduce a powerful change in your interiors and the kitchen walls are the best display for that. We know of countless ways of using the Mexican ceramic for embellishing kitchen walls and in reality the broad range of colors, patterns and textures of our handmade Mexican Talavera tiles open up more creative techniques to add character and lightness to your kitchen.


We are convinced that decorating a kitchen wall with Mexican Talavera tiles will be fun for any homeowner. You do not have to own a Hacienda style mansion to build up a Mexican vibe in your interiors. What you really need is the boldness to explore multicolored world of our Talavera ceramic tiles and a good decorative ideas that can range from going full Mexican with ceramics on the walls, counters, kitchen table or just introducing some small drops of Southern feel with a subtle, Mexican accent tiles or ethnical style potteries and textile. A few days ago I came across this kitchen design that you can see on the post’s photo and I was amazed by the idea of incorporating hand-painted ceramic plates from Mexico into the wall backsplash. The architect used classic Mexican Talavera tiles in dark blue on the white background around a variety of wall plates that makes it an effortless combination between Mexican and Spanish interior design heritage.

You are probably asking how you should begin this kind of fearless project in your kitchen? You should be aware that our Mexican talavera kitchen wall tiles come in painted solid colors and handcrafted with designs. We would recommend you to start the kitchen designs by choosing a solid color combination first. You can use one color for both the background or choose to use a different color for the edging relief tiles. The main choices are white, yellow, green, orange and terracotta. After you have decided on the primary color to use, you will want to look at the patterned tiles. Be bold with your choices. Take inspiration from the work of Mexican artists, artisans and architects and soon you will discover that they have no fear to combine the hues you would never imagine together and it looks fabulous.

buy mexican talavera tiles for a kitchen wall backsplash

Last but not least, take special attention to your kitchen backsplash as nowadays it is seen as a key design element in a kitchen, being normally in the central part of your kitchenette, behind the stove. To create a focal point, think about contrast and vibrancy that you will obtain with kitchen murals and Mexican Talavera wall tiles.

Talavera Tiles

Decorating kitchen wall with Mexican talavera tiles can be fan. I came across of this kitchen design just a few days ago and was amazed by the idea of incorporating hand painted ceramic plates from Mexico into the wall backsplash. The architect used classic mexican talavera tiles with Madrid style in dark blue on white background around a variety of plates cemented to the wall.

mexican talavera tiles

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Mexican Tiles on a Kitchen Counter

The hand painted Mexican tile can turn your kitchen counter from boring to beautiful. Nowadays, homeowners view tile as an affordable alternative to expensive counter materials such as quartz, marble, and granite. It is a cheaper but no less effective... Continue Reading →

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