Mexican Tiles

Mexican Tiles and Talavera Murals for kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall and stair risers.



Painted Ceramic Tiles

Rustica House

Are you looking for Southeastern style for your kitchen? You may need to consider hand painted ceramic tiles from Mexico. They are rustic and very decorative. Painted tiles are installed on kitchen backsplash and counters as well as walls. Ceramic tiles made of talavera clay come in many designs and solid colors. You can use them mixed or with a single style. Painted ceramic tiles from Dolores Hidalgo are in use since fifteenth century indoors as well as outdoors. You can install them also in backyard swimming pools and garden fountains.

handcrafted ceramic tiles

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Kitchen Backsplash

Custom Made

One of important elements of kitchen renovation is its backsplash. Usually, kitchen backsplash as well as walls are decorated with ceramic tiles that come in many sizes, shapes and designs. Why don’t you cosider using zinc or copper? It makes the kitchen looking modern with some rustic flavour and there are a number of options. You can order kitchen backsplash made of hammered or smooth metal. It can be supplied in natural look or hammered.

kitchen backsplash

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Mexican Talavera Kitchen Wall Tiles

Beautiful idea for decorating kitchen wall with Mexican talavera tiles.

Talavera Tiles

Decorating kitchen wall with Mexican talavera tiles can be fan. I came across of this kitchen design just a few days ago and was amazed by the idea of incorporating hand painted ceramic plates from Mexico into the wall backsplash. The architect used classic mexican talavera tiles with Madrid style in dark blue on white background around a variety of plates cemented to the wall.

mexican talavera tiles

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Relief Tiles

Relief tiles characterize with multidimensional design. Painting technique involves drawing the tile pattern and then pouring paint the way it stays elevated from the background. Relief tiles from Mexico are entirely handmade. There is no machinery used of any kind.... Continue Reading →

Stair Riser Tile

Decorating stair riser with Mexican tiles is one of the options often used in Southern USA. Stair riser tile can be used both indoors and outdoors providing water is not going to freeze on them. Ice might damage glaze and... Continue Reading →

Mexican Tile for Border

Some Mexican Tiles can be used for wall borders. The tile pattern is painted the way it forms a linear design. It is visible only after placing a few tiles together. Often, those mexican tiles are used for stair risers... Continue Reading →

Mexican Tiles in Lots

You can obtain substantial savings by buying Mexican Tiles in bulk. Lots are made of mixed Mexican tile designs, solid colors or the same pattern tiles. Pattern tiles are divided into folk art, classic and Hacienda designs. Each set is... Continue Reading →

Mexican Tile Classic Patterns

Patterns of Mexican Tiles are usually associated with colorful designs rarely applicable in typical European and North American home style. They seam to bright full of contrasting colors often thought as not really working well together when comparing with gray,... Continue Reading →

Mexican Tiles, Talavera Tile Murals, Toilets & Sinks ®

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