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Mexican Tiles and Talavera Murals for kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall and stair risers.


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mexican sinks, toilets and bathroom accessories

Mexican Toilet

What is Mexican Toilet? A toilet from Mexico is not only meant for physiologic needs, it is a bathroom piece of art. Hand painted mexican toilet is decorative and can be supplied in all kinds of styles you can possible... Continue Reading →

Mexican Tile Sinks

A question what are exactly Mexican Tiles Sinks and way they are called that way is forwarded to us occasionally? Well, bathroom sinks from Mexico can be divided into a few main categories such as talavera sinks, copper or stone.... Continue Reading →

Talavera Tile Inserts

Even though talavera tiles are soft, they can be used as inserts among larger floor tiles. There are a variety of ways you can install talavera tile inserts depending on the floor tiles shape. You can used with with square... Continue Reading →

Mexican Rope Tiles

For detailing Mexican tile wall you can use a variety of trims including rope tiles. They are made in four and six inch length and all talavera colors used in Mexico including green, blue, red, terra cotta, antique white or... Continue Reading →

Talavera Tiles in Bathroom

Talavera tiles can be used for bathroom walls, counters and showers. Some tile pattern are used for decorating bath sinks made of talavera. They can be round, oval or rectangular. In addition, talavera tile accents such as corners with background... Continue Reading →

Mexican rustic mirrors

  Mexican rustic mirror is perfect for any indoor remodeling project. The mirror works well with old european, spanish and southwest style home decor. Hand punched tin frame decorated with mosaic tiles are often used for furnishing traditional country style bathroomd, bedrooms... Continue Reading →

Trim & Molding Tiles

Lead free Mexican Tile trims such as bullnose, corners and talavera moldings are ideal for any indoor and outdoor construction, renovation and decor project whether it is a spanish, italian, moorish, mexican, mediterranean or southwest style, hand painted mexican tiles are often... Continue Reading →

Mexican bathroom sets consisting of hand painted sink, talavera toilet, mexican toilet seat and ceramic accessories. Brand new bath decor furnishings from Mexico ideal for any indoor remodeling or construction project.

mexican tile blog

Welcome to blog. Our buyers and visitors comments are the best way for us to improve our services. Thanks for shopping mexican tiles and tile murals on our site and through this blog we look forward to further improving... Continue Reading →

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