Mexican Tiles

Mexican Tiles and Talavera Murals for kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall and stair risers.


mexican tiles

handcrafted talavera tiles from mexico

Mexican Tile Colors

Mexican tile colors are well defined. They include yellow, orange, blue, cobalt, green, red and terra cotta. Some tiles in Mexico are painted with the white background first and then washed with one of color paints. Those talavera tiles look... Continue Reading →

Mexican Tiles for Patio

Mexican tiles are best for adding Southern character to a patio or back-yard garden. You can use handmade Mexican tiles for BBQ counters, tabletops, wall backsplash and floor accents. When installing tiles from Mexico outdoors you need to consider the temperatures during... Continue Reading →

Mexican Tile Wall Murals

Mexican tile wall murals have a lot of applications. They can be found in government buildings, church architecture as well as private residential homes. Most often they are used for decorating kitchen backsplash and veranda walls. Occasionally, mexican tile murals... Continue Reading →

Talavera Tile Inserts

Even though talavera tiles are soft, they can be used as inserts among larger floor tiles. There are a variety of ways you can install talavera tile inserts depending on the floor tiles shape. You can used with with square... Continue Reading →

Front Step Tiles

Decorative front step tiles are one of many ways to add style to your house. You can use ceramic tiles for decorating step risers inside and outdoors providing you live in warmer climate. Perhaps temperature itself is not going to... Continue Reading →

Mexican Rope Tiles

For detailing Mexican tile wall you can use a variety of trims including rope tiles. They are made in four and six inch length and all talavera colors used in Mexico including green, blue, red, terra cotta, antique white or... Continue Reading →

Mexican Terra Cotta Tiles

Mexican ceramic tiles hand painted in terra cotta are one of the most popular colors. Terra cotta tiles come in two variations. Either they are solid color or finished with washed technique. It involves painting Mexican tiles white first and... Continue Reading →

Spanish Style Ceramic Tiles

What are Spanish style ceramic tiles? Most of us who live on the North American continent associate them with Spanish conquest. At the present time Spanish ceramic tiles are still produced in Mexico what seams to be the only source... Continue Reading →

Broken Mexican Tiles

It may surprise many but broken Mexican Tiles are in a great demand. Tile artists as well as home owners with some artistic skills use broken ceramic tiles from Mexico for creating mosaic decorations. They can be used for adding... Continue Reading →

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