Mexican tile murals as the term suggests are produced in Mexico. Most of the tile murals depict country’s daily life, typical scenery, flowers and fruits. It is the main reason mexican tile murals are an excellent decorative item for a kitchen backsplash, veranda walls and tabletops. Most murals from Mexico are hand painted in Dolores Hidalgo using 4×4 and 6×6 inch tiles. Some of them are decorated with additional borders. You can order any talavera tile mural in dimensions shown on their product pages or made-to-order if you have other than standard space for it. Price of the mural depends on a number of tiles used to create it. Usually, regular size tile murals require four weeks to paint them and about seven days to deliver from Mexico to the US address. Shipping to Canada and Europe takes more less a month.

mexican tile murals on a kitchen backsplash