What is Mexican Toilet? A toilet from Mexico is not only meant for physiologic needs, it is a bathroom piece of art. Hand painted mexican toilet is decorative and can be supplied in all kinds of styles you can possible imagine. The most often used patterns for Mexican toilet are typical talavera paintings often used for ceramic handcrafts. Occasionally, you can find handmade WC in Mexico with angels, flowers or art decor. Painted images are permanent and they are not going to ware off. Once the toilet is painted it is fired for eight hours in industrial ovens baking the paint and creating transparent crest. They are produced the same way any porcelain china is fabricated and there is no difference in durability when the decorative patterns are concerned. Apart of the painted toilet you can order in Mexico matching bathroom sinks, accessories and wooden seats. You can even purchase similar wall tiles, they are rustic similar to Spanish majolica. Average Mexican Toilet production time is four weeks and that includes delivery to the US.

painted mexican toilet for bathroom wc