Mexican tile designs can be divided into three basic groups. Ceramic tiles from Mexico can be handcrafted as talavera, folk and classic. In addition, Mexican tiles can be hand painted over regular red clay or porcelain which is usually used for relief designs that can be used also outdoors in cold climate. Mexican tile designs with talavera decor are multicolored or two color classic style. The second version was often used during colonial period during Spanish conquest. It was made of rustic creamy white background and dark blue cobalt colors. Tile surface is heavily crazed and the same effect we achieve nowadays due to traditional production technique making the finished wall quite old looking. Occasionally, you can find patterns painted in green or terra cotta. Most often sold Mexican tiles are typical colorful and there are hundreds of designs. They are handmade as 2×2, 4×4 and 6×6 inches where the last size is primarily used for decorating stair risers and kitchen backsplash walls.

handcrafted mexican ceramic tile designs and patterns