Mexican Tiles

Mexican Tiles and Talavera Murals for kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall and stair risers.


February 2017

Mexican Tiles on Kitchen Counter

Mexican tiles have many kitchen applications. You can use them on a backsplash, walls and a counter. Kitchen designer who crated this project used handmade white tiles from Mexico on the counter and added decorative ascents consisting of blue and... Continue Reading →


Relief Tile from Mexico

Relief tile from Mexico is decorative and durable. Tiles are made of porcelain clay resisting winter conditions of Northern USA and Canada. Mexican relief tiles are half an inch thick and produced as 4"x 4" and 6"x 6". There are... Continue Reading →

Mexican Talavera Tile for Kitchen

Talavera tiles hand painted in Mexico are often used for Southern style kitchen designing. They are colorful with contrasting tones. Interior designer has option to use mix of patterns or plain color tiles only. In case of the kitchen shown... Continue Reading →

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