Mexican Tiles

Mexican Tiles and Talavera Murals for kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall and stair risers.


November 2016

Stair Riser Tiles

There is a substantial market in the US, Canada and Europe for relief tiles for stair risers. High relief tiles come from variety of sources and the most common in North America is town of Dolores Hidalgo located in central... Continue Reading →


Handmade Mexican tiles, what does it mean?

Mexican tiles made of talavera are handmade including cutting their shape. It makes the tiles vary slightly in sizes. It also means Mexican Tiles need to be installed with substantial spaces between them. Tiles from Mexico are not flat either... Continue Reading →

Mexican Tile Classic Patterns

Patterns of Mexican Tiles are usually associated with colorful designs rarely applicable in typical European and North American home style. They seam to bright full of contrasting colors often thought as not really working well together when comparing with gray,... Continue Reading →

Mexican Tile Patterns

What a great collection of Mexican tile patterns influenced by Arabic culture of Northern Africa, Spain and local folk art. Mexico has been producing talavera tiles since beginning of its existence. Tiles from Mexico are decorated with at least four... Continue Reading →

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