mexican tile pattern grenada
mexican tiles

Mexican tile Grenada pattern includes terra cotta, cobalt, blue and orange colors. The Mexican painted tiles are no doubt vintage looking. You may consider them antique style when used in certain type of architecture. It is typical for Mexican talavera tile style found all over the country in old architecture, churches, fountain basins as well as modern buildings.





Mexican Tiles Designs

This Mexican tile design comes in variety of variations. You can buy this tile with green and dark blue. Also, Mexican Tiles Granada style can be purchased in all standard sizes.

Tile Sizes

One of the most popular sizes for tiles from Mexico that are meant for kitchen backsplash, counter and shower walls are 4×4 inches. The same tile painting can be found as 6×6 and 2×2. The smallest is often used for accents among larger floor tiles. The medium size is used occasionally for coasters decorating dining and eat-in kitchen tables. Even though this Mexican tile design is a typical filed type that can be only appreciated with at least four tiles are installed together, you can successfully use it for borders, trims and baseboards. The largest one is best for decorating stairs indoors as well as outdoors providing they are covered with a roof and no water is going to freeze on their surface. Average decorative tile delivery time from Mexico to the US buyers is four weeks providing the tiles design in particular size in in stock Otherwise, it may take up to several weeks to have them handmade by our artisans and shipped outside Mexico.