Mexican Tiles

Mexican Tiles for kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall and stair risers.

Mexican Tiles on Kitchen Counter

Mexican tiles have many kitchen applications. You can use them on a backsplash, walls and a counter. Kitchen designer who crated this project used handmade white tiles from Mexico on the counter and added decorative ascents consisting of blue and... Continue Reading →

Relief Tile from Mexico

Relief tile from Mexico is decorative and durable. Tiles are made of porcelain clay resisting winter conditions of Northern USA and Canada. Mexican relief tiles are half an inch thick and produced as 4"x 4" and 6"x 6". There are... Continue Reading →

Mexican Talavera Tile for Kitchen

Talavera tiles hand painted in Mexico are often used for Southern style kitchen designing. They are colorful with contrasting tones. Interior designer has option to use mix of patterns or plain color tiles only. In case of the kitchen shown... Continue Reading →

Mexican Tile Tabletops

Use of Mexican Tiles is not limited to walls and floors. Tiles from Mexico can be used for decorating furniture including tabletops and seats. There are two ways of creating mosaic decor. Either you use entire tiles or broken ceramics... Continue Reading →

Mexican Tiles for Swimming Pool

Mexican tiles are glazed therefore water proof. Beside typical applications inside the house, they can be used outdoors for swimming pool finishing. Both talavera ceramic and relief tiles from Mexico are applicable while the second version is way more decorative... Continue Reading →

Mexican Tiles on Outside Walls

There are many applications for Mexican tiles including outside walls. You can used them to decorate your house exteriors, verandas, seeming pools and wall mount fountains. Since tiles from Mexico are glazed they are water resistant. They even withstand freezing... Continue Reading →

Relief Tiles

Relief tiles characterize with multidimensional design. Painting technique involves drawing the tile pattern and then pouring paint the way it stays elevated from the background. Relief tiles from Mexico are entirely handmade. There is no machinery used of any kind.... Continue Reading →

Southeastern Kitchen Style

Southeastern style is often used for designing kitchens in state of Texas, Arizona, Florida and California. In other words US stats spread out along Mexican border heavily influenced by its architecture. Even though Mexican hacienda or Spanish character of Mexico... Continue Reading →

Stair Riser Tile

Decorating stair riser with Mexican tiles is one of the options often used in Southern USA. Stair riser tile can be used both indoors and outdoors providing water is not going to freeze on them. Ice might damage glaze and... Continue Reading →

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