Mexican Tiles

Mexican Tiles for kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall and stair risers.

Talavera Tiles in Bathroom

Talavera tiles can be used for bathroom walls, counters and showers. Some tile pattern are used for decorating bath sinks made of talavera. They can be round, oval or rectangular. In addition, talavera tile accents such as corners with background... Continue Reading →

Mexican Ceramic Tiles

Mexican ceramic tiles are handmade and hand painted with over three hundred designs. They can be decorated in folk art, Spanish, colonial hacienda and Arabic style. Even though most of ceramic tiles are produced as 4x4 inches, you can buy... Continue Reading →

Veranda with Mexican Tiles

Decorating house veranda with Mexican tiles will add Southern ingredient to the house decor overall. In this case interior designer installed made of concrete bench with blue and whiten mexican tile patterns. In addition, there is talavera flower planter in... Continue Reading →

Mexican Talavera Kitchen Wall Tiles

Beautiful idea for decorating kitchen wall with Mexican talavera tiles.

Talavera Tiles

Decorating kitchen wall with Mexican talavera tiles can be fan. I came across of this kitchen design just a few days ago and was amazed by the idea of incorporating hand painted ceramic plates from Mexico into the wall backsplash. The architect used classic mexican talavera tiles with Madrid style in dark blue on white background around a variety of plates cemented to the wall.

mexican talavera tiles

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Mexican Bathroom in Hacienda Style

A lot of properties down South of the US along Mexican border have their bathrooms designed in Spanish hacienda style. It characterizes with colorful decor dominated by rustic walls, Mexican tiles and talavera ceramics. On some occasions the bathroom window... Continue Reading →

Decorating Garden with Mexican Tiles

Decorating ideas for garden using Mexican tiles is unlimited and depend on your imagination, and needs. Mexican tiles can be used for garden staircase, patio floor as accents or improving an image of otherwise plain looking clay flower planter. Tiles... Continue Reading →

Can I install Mexican Tiles on Foyer Stairs?

Mexican tiles are often used to decorate walls, counters and in fact foyer stairs. Usually, 6x6 inch size is selected for that purpose. There are a variety of ways of choosing the designs. Some interior architects and designers prefer using... Continue Reading →

Green Mexican Tiles for Bathroom

The bathroom on the post photograph is a perfect example of how green mexican tiles could be used for decorating. The tiles are on solid. Their pattern is random achieved by painting the tile background white first and then washing... Continue Reading →

Mexican Tiles on Kitchen Counter

Mexican tiles have many kitchen applications. You can use them on a backsplash, walls and a counter. Kitchen designer who crated this project used handmade white tiles from Mexico on the counter and added decorative ascents consisting of blue and... Continue Reading →

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